20GW by 2020

Solar Ireland 2016

8th June 2016

Belfast, N. Ireland

20GW by 2020

Topic: Long term outlook for solar (PV) in Ireland in a global context
Cormac Gilligan, Senior PV Analyst

Topic: Large scale solar in Ireland, opportunities + challenges
David Maguire, Director

Topic: Solar energy within the Northern Ireland Agri-food sector
David Trimble, Renewable Energy Technologist

20GW by 2020

Topic: The role of the Utility Regulator in relation to renewables
Tanya Hedley, Compliance and Network Operations Director

Topic: Operating a secure, sustainable electricity system
Robin McCormick, Director

Topic: Rooftop solar in Ireland - opportunities + challenges
Robert Goss, Director

20GW by 2020

Topic: Legal update: Issues arising from solar energy projects
Andrew Ryan, Partner

Topic: Opportunities and challenges in developing the market for solar in Northern Ireland
Noel Rice, Energy Conservation Manager

Topic: Solar must compete and not be an expensive niche contributor
Nick Boyle, CEO

20GW by 2020

Topic: Storage - what you need to know?
Steve Pester, Principal Consultant

Topic: The co-location of solar and wind farms
Paul Neary, Director

Topic: Making commercial PV work in a low or zero subsidy environment
Adrian Cecconi, Commercial director

20GW by 2020

Topic: Planning consents in the Irish solar sector
Brian Keville B.Sc. (Env.), Director

Topic: Geotechnical surveying and soil testing for solar projects
Ramon Perez Mir, General Manager of Tecsolgeo and President of Geologist Professional Association in Catalonia

Topic: A simple alternative to ground-mount solar systems
Mark Bennett, CEO

20GW by 2020

Topic: How to make progress despite the policy vacuum for renewables in Northern Ireland
Jonathan Buick, Head of Projects

Topic: Solar energy's role in Ireland's single electricity market (SEM)
Joe O'Carroll, Managing Director

Topic: Lessons learnt from the solar industry in the UK
Speaker: Tim Rose, Head of European Projects

20GW by 2020

Topic: Facilitating renewables energy connection to the distribution network
Speaker: Roger Henderson, Network Connections Director

Topic: Planning consents in the Irish solar sector
Brian Keville B.Sc. (Env.), Director

Topic: Lessons learned for Irish solar PV
Speaker: Christophe Campistron, Partner

20GW by 2020

Topic: Lessons learnt from the solar industry in the UK
Speaker: to be announced

Join us on June 8th as we chart Irelands progress and the opportunities within

Taking charge of a nation’s energy future empowers everyone from residents to industry to international business with confidence that local energy supplies are securely held within Ireland’s borders. The electricity system on the island is undergoing a transformation as a result of the growing integration of renewable energy and the implementation of broader technological innovation. Modernisation of the electricity grid provides a basis for future business and economic growth that benefits everyone. The electricity sector will play a key role in shaping a sustainable energy future for Ireland and Northern Ireland. Smart Grid developments are an important component of an overall solution for the integration of renewable generation.

Although its plan is ambitious, Ireland and Northern Ireland is demonstrating real commitment to a renewable future. On June 8th 23 experts will gather in Belfast to deliver their views on how the island will develop its renewable future and the opportunities that lie ahead for this emerging industry and its supply chain. Delegates will hear updates on policy, planning, technology, grid access, finance, project development and legal aspects of development.

Who should attend?

Analysts/Consultants, Environmental advisors, EPCs, Government/Energy policy makers, Installers, Inverter/Storage companies, Legal and financial advisers, Module suppliers, Planning consultants, R&D, Regulatory authorities, Utilities

22 Presentations

Registration is open for the Solar Ireland one day conference.

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Northern Ireland

Are there any opportunities left or has the solar PV industry in Northern Ireland had its day? Is there a market beyond refinancing and acquisition of existing renewables projects? What is the opportunity for large scale solar? What is the developer’s perspective? What of storage technology, how will it affect the potential for rooftop solar which is by and large unexploited in Northern Ireland? What are the challenges ahead in developing the solar market in Northern Ireland?


With one of the lowest deployment levels of solar PV in Europe, Ireland cannot be accused of early adopter advantage in solar PV. However with materials and equipment pricing at 80 percent less than a decade ago and a government with a renewables friendly agenda, this could be the perfect time for a solar PV revolution. But are the necessary support mechanisms required in place and what of the impacts on Ireland’s environmental and energy infrastructure.

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