20GW by 2020

Smart Solar Ireland

5 April, Cork

20GW by 2020

Topic: Large scale solar in Ireland, opportunities + challenges
David Maguire, Director

Topic: Providing network access to solar generation
Sandie Madden, Engineering Manager

Topic: Maximising the value of solar with energy storage
Claire Addison, Government & Regulatory Affairs Manager

20GW by 2020

Topic: Solar PV for business
Nick Robb, Head of Development in Ireland

Topic: Baseload PV solar projects
Liam O’Dwyer, Building Services Engineer

Topic: What investors will look for to invest in ground mounted solar PV projects
Anthony Doherty, Group Corporate Finance Director

20GW by 2020

Topic: Long term outlook for solar (PV) in Ireland in a global context
Susanne von Aichberger, Senior Analyst

Topic: Legal update: Issues arising from solar energy projects
Andrew Ryan, Partner

Topic: Challenges of connecting to the Irish grid, lessons learnt in Northern Ireland
Rory Mullan, Director and Senior Project Engineer

20GW by 2020

Topic: Planning consents in the Irish solar sector
Brian Keville, Environmental Director

Topic: Insurance risk transfer solutions for solar projects
Brian O’Dwyer, Account Executive

Topic: Building your trust in solar
Barrie Davies, UK Country Manager

20GW by 2020

Topic: Environmental considerations for planning and developing solar farms
Paul Neary, Director

Topic: A guide to glint and glare planning issues
Danny Scrivener , Technical Analyst

Topic: Lessons learned for Irish solar PV
Speaker: Christophe Campistron, Partner

20GW by 2020

Topic: Growth of solar PV projects
John Coleman, Owner

Join us on April 5 as we chart Irelands progress and the opportunities within

In summary: Ireland is highly dependent on imported fossil fuels. As 2020 approaches, the pressure is on the Irish Government to ensure the country meets its renewable energy targets of 16 percent of all energy generated from renewable sources. Ireland is motivated to embrace solar as wind alone will not enable the country to achieve its targets.

Apart from the obvious and well tested route of solar farms which we will cover extensively, there is another avenue for large energy users. That is a direct connection between these plants and solar projects, which is currently prohibited under current Irish legislation. This connection method is successfully used in Northern Ireland, where Belfast Airport is now connected directly to a nearby solar farm. If this type of arrangement can be implemented in Ireland, many more projects and sites could be realised. In addition, this would reduce pressure on the national electricity grid by allowing large-demand customers to reduce their requirement to import energy from the grid network and produce on-site or nearby electricity.

Ireland is now in a unique position to take advantage of solar technology and there is a realistic expectation that solar energy will be supported in Ireland, and soon.

Get ready: Join us in Cork on April 5 to discuss policy, planning, regulation, finance, technology developments, O&M and storage. Hear from 20 + speakers from across the supply chain in Ireland and UK and understand the opportunity for your company.

Ireland is motivated and ready for solar. Are you?


Government, policy makers; analysts/ legal/ financial advisers; planning consultants/ environmental advisors; EPCs; installers; utilities; inverter/storage companies; module suppliers, R&D, local councils, construction firms

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Smart Solar Belfast

Unable to make it to Smart Solar Cork? We have another event available to you in Belfast on the 21 June. The programme will cover progress in Ireland and also the NI road to solar success post subsidy.

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